By Alessandra S Oct. However, our generation has defaulted to text messages as a preferred method to communicate. We text while we're walking, cooking and working, and even working out at the gym. While at times, it may be convenient to send a quick text when busy, texting has diluted the quality of our conversations and interactions.

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Knowing that my cyber pen pal took the time to read my message and dedicated the time to respond is a testament to our true connection and genuine friendship.

Having a new message in my virtual mailbox is just as exciting as getting a package in the regular mail. I look forward to hearing about my friends' lives in more than characters messagge a few silly emoji.

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I devour the messages like books and stories, and the personal quality makes cyber letters exponentially more enjoyable than texts. Yext true that with real friends, it's possible to go for long stretches of time without seeing each other only to pick up right where you left off. However, taking the time to draft letters to one another creates a closeness that is unmatched.

Text message pen pals

Part of this is certainly due to the nature of such communication. Phrases like "what's up? Letters, on the other hand, delve into topics, one by one and open a dialogue that lends itself to far more to intricate responses.

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The fast-paced nature of life in our generation means cyber letters might take a few days for a response, measage is sort of a nostalgic irony, given the lightning-fast speed of. However, in a day and age where jobs mrssage more demanding, time is text message pen pals more precious and personal communication has grown elusive, cyber pen pals have great value as a release from our other everyday stresses.

Student responses must be at least characters.

Once your student has finished their response, they mezsage Send. If you would like to screen your student's messages before they are sent, encourage them to save the message as a draft.

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Once students click send, their message can be viewed by PenPals. First, make pale that you are giving students enough time to read and respond to their PenPals. This may seem obvious, but giving students more time means that they can respond to more PenPals! Another good practice is to teach your students what a great comment looks like.