OnlyWire makes it easy to auto-share your content to the 47 leading Social Communities

One Button Publish Everywhere

OnlyWire - Publish everywhere

Whether you are an individual blogger, marketing manager or social media professional, OnlyWire makes it easy to auto-share your content to the 47 leading Social Communities.

About OnlyWire

We create software that allows you to automatically submit online content to 50 leading Social Media Networks, at the same time.

What is Onlywire?

OnlyWire is a Social Media Engine™ that auto-submits your content and status posts to Social Media Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Pages and LinkedIn with speed and simplicity.

Who uses OnlyWire?

Bloggers, Content Providers, SEO Professionals, Advertisers and Corporate Marketing Managers use OnlyWire to submit millions of posts each day. Social Media Professionals use OnlyWire to launch, update and analyze social media campaigns.

What plans are offered?

OnlyWire offers 2 plans to everyone’s growing content submission needs.

There is a free plan with limited functionality –

— Pro – OnlyWire Pro is for high volume users who manage multiple networks or feeds. $9.99 /mo

— Enterprise – OnlyWire Enterprise is for agencies and organizations who manage multiple clients’ content and need unlimited users/feeds/networks. $99 /mo

OnlyWire submits your content to the largest social networks to greatly increase exposure to your brand, products and services.

OnlyWire supports social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ Pages.Our patented software provides a platform for bloggers and marketers to submit content to their target user base, monitor comments and track results.

Whether you’re an individual blogger or a corporate marketing department, we offer an array of packages that fit your needs.

OnlyWire - Publish everywhere


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