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My Mold Detective

DIY, Professional Mold Test Kit

My Mold Detective
Test your home or office for mold without a costly IAQ Professional. MyMolddDetective delivers the same accurate and reliable results with an easy-to-read lab report. This lab report analyzes what types of mold are present in the environment and whether or not the mold levels are normal or elevated.

Easy 3-Step Process

1. Take Air Samples

My Mold Detective is finally here! Until now, solutions to limited Mold and Allergy Testing have been unreliable, non quantifiable and expensive, also requiring an IAQ Professional to schedule to visit your home and perform an assessment and take samples.

Understanding the types of mold as well as the concentration levels of mold we breathe into our respiratory system is important. MMD uses the same reliable, active mold spore capturing technology (spore trap “air” cassettes) used by the pricey IAQ Professionals, but at a fraction of the cost. When time is of the essence, 48 hour turn around on MMD’s Easy-to-Read Lab analysis is available. Finally, mold testing with the peace of mind you’ve been waiting for!

My Mold Detective

2. Send in Your Samples

Registration is simple. You’ll go to, Enter the unique serial numbers from you samples, provide the required property and personal information, and place your order. Write the confirmation number, that appears on the screen after you’ve registered your samples, on your package and mail. It’s that easy!

3. Receive Your Lab Report

Our 3rd Party AIHA Accredited lab analysis the samples while also interpreting the test results for you. MMD’s customized easy-to-read lab report that will tell you if your mold levels are “Normal”, “Slightly Elevated”, or “Elevated”. Review your lab report(s) is easy, paperless and online. My Mold Detective will also notify you through email once your lab report is ready, how is that for convenience.

My Mold Detective


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