Mario Kart in Real Life – Luigi Death Stare!



This was a passion project! It’s been my dream for the longest time to make a Mario Kart in real life video. So grateful for everyone that came together to make this one happen. This was 100 percent a team effort with so many passionate people coming together to make it happen.

It’s been my ultimate goal to work with Nintendo one day, and this was made with the hope that they would see how passionate I am about their brand, so Nintendo, if your reading this, let’s work together 🙂

Directed by Devin Graham and Zane O’Gwin
Produced by Seth Jones and Devin Graham
GoKarts created by Seth Jones
GoKart Mechanic – Levi Ellis
Mario Kart ? Boxes and bob-omb made by Strat Streetman

Luigi – Chris Romrell
Mario – Johnny Quintana
Wario – Christian Busath
Toad – Lee Liston
Daisy – Bri Stauss
Bowser – Strat Streetman
Donkey Kong – Levi Ellis
Peach – Rachel Jones

Turtle Shells created by Nate Bonham.
Facebook Page :…
How he made the shells:…

Sound Design by Dan Pugsley

Rap beat produced by Encore:
Rapper: Na-G

Music by (everything but the rap) Stephen Anderson

Makeup – Rachel Clark
Craft Servie – Birdie Hess
Grip /Special Thanks- Ron Nix and Creighton Baird.
RC Car drivers – Carter Hogan and Seth Jones

Super thanks to our friends at Traxxas for letting us borrow some of their RC cars for our Mario Kart vid, it allowed us to pull off what we thought would only be a dream, turtle shells that actually moved. Give them some love on their website!

Big thanks to Bracken Hall for making the course for us, and helping make it all happen logistically.

Super thanks to for proving 70 percent of the costumes.
You can buy amazing costumes all year long from their website above, check it!

Also super thanks to and Allison Dredge and Shannon Cheek for taking care of the rest of the costumes for this. They made the Wario, Daisy, Walaluigi and Lakitu Costumnes (next Mario Kart video you’ll see him).
Without those two, the characters wouldn’t have turned out half as good 🙂 Check their social media pages below!

Shannon Cheek
Allison Dredge…

Super thanks to the Dyches for having a cameo in our video as the little boy,. Check there channel here:

Want to be in our next video?!? Follow us on social media!…

Filmed in 6K with the Red Weapon camera
Cinematography by Devin Graham
Edit by Zane O’Gwin, Devin Graham, and Carter Hogan with Adobe Premiere Pro CC
VFX by Zane O’Gwin and Jared Moench
Color by Tyson Henderson

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