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Impossible: 3 Puzzles Your Friends Will Always get wrong! (with answers)

Try these 3 puzzles… if you solve them all, then you are an absolute GENIUS! These puzzles are generally a sure fire that your friends will always get wrong!

They are also my three favorite puzzles. They may be some of the hardest puzzles ever! DailyBroccoli

Puzzle 1:
How many triangles are located in this image?
Think you know the answer?
27 in total!
16 one-cell triangles
7 four-cell triangles
3 nine-cell triangles
1 sixteen cell triangle
Puzzle 2:
Starting from any point and without lifting your pen from the page, can you draw 4 straight lines, such that each of the nine dots has at least one line running through it?
Puzzle 3:
Rearrange three tennis balls so that the triangular pattern points down instead of up.

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