Kaiokori gets a suture kit from her frame pack. Pretty helpful if you're lost.

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Kaiokori gets a suture kit from her frame pack. Pretty helpful if you're lost.

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An armor boutique displays its wares to the north. The Sweaty Palms, cityy squat concrete box of a building, lies directly to the south.

The building wall to above looks climbable. There is an FCPD camera here.

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AP CL. AmPr CA. Looking at things is so very important. Necanthrope looks healthy.

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He is wielding a butcher knife. His chest is bare.

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His groin is exposed for all to see. This remains in your inventory. You can earn 40 more IP from practicing today. Shows health, what you're holding, what you're wearing, money, and whether you're weighed down with roomss. You're holding an Akkadian-English dictionary. You're wearing a combat helmet, a pair of lotus kogake tebukuro, a pair of lotus kote, a ceramic breastplate, a pair of kevlar pants, and a pair of lotus kogake tabi.

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You are unencumbered. Your current fighting style is 'berserk'.

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Suck the shrimp. Satan 11h admin land! Where are we?!

Spunky 12h slagtown Kaiokori 0s sweaty palms Horseflesh 1h sweaty palms you munter Cure your horn. Or better still, wank ON someone. Gilmore must have been standing here for a while, although you didn't notice until just now.

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Gilmore reaches for his crotch, massaging his balls with one hand and stroking freedkm dong in a steady rhythm with the other. Gilmore pants excitedly, smacking his pulsing dong against Kaiokori as his fires jets of sperm.

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He collapses backward and smiles, content. Gilmore doesn't seem to be here anymore, though you didn't see him leave. Important in battle. HP is the health points of your armour.

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For example, the zoot suit can be damaged and repaired three times before it collapses and falls apart. Shout to anyone near enough to hear you. Somewhere in Freedom City, ses an area which has a pole covered with flyers. Looking at the flyers will reveal who can teach you what, whether it be fuck, blades, climb.

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The game pretty much revolves around XP. Type Score to see your total. Each thing that you beat will award you with a XP bonus. The more XP you earn, the better things are for your character.

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You can spend this XP to earn levels in particular skills. For example.

I have to find her first. A bit of hunting around reveals the randy bitch lurking in the Giggling Schoolgirl stripclub.

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Type 'learn from Hasu' to see what skills she's able to offer. Learn from Hasu You think Hasu can teach you about linguist. Type 'Learn linguist from Hasu'. Learn linguist from Hasu Kaiokori asks Hasu to teach her about linguist. You spent XP. You feel your linguist improving!

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This basically means you've raised a skill at it's RAW base. Tutors will teach you up to a certain level, but beyond that you will have to earn levels via percentage. The more levels you can raise, the more skillful your character becomes in the skill of your choice, freeodm the better it is able to survive.