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Polk County tough on online predators Polk County sheriff's investigators thought it was a joke. The man had told the "year-old girl" in an Internet chat room that he was a press secretary with the U. Clearwatr of Homeland Security. He sent a photo of himself wearing an official badge. But the man was who he said he was, and he appeared to be grooming the "girl" - actually an undercover investigator - to meet him for a sexual encounter, authorities said.

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Investigators worried that the suspect's high-level job made him vulnerable to blackmail, and national security secrets could fall into the wrong hands. So they moved quickly, arresting Brian J. Doyle on Tuesday at his home in Maryland. The Adupt County Sheriff's Office has put a high priority on Internet sex crimes for years, pushing it into the media spotlight before.

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Polk Sheriff Grady Judd is happy the case bolstered the county's reputation for being tough on Internet pedophiles. CNN interviewed Judd six times. The Internet has opened up myriad new ways for criminals to ply their schemes. For pedophiles and predators, it's created an ideal way to meet victims. They don't have to hang out in public parks or libraries. They can cast a wide net from the safety of their homes.

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They often surf several chat rooms conversing with multiple potential victims simultaneously. The Internet has also allowed predators to talk to one another. In some cases, they have passed along information about popular Cheating wives Curitiba rooms or shared successful techniques for persuading children to meet them. The interaction can give predators a sense of validation, instead of feeling like isolated deviants.

That can embolden them, experts cllearwater.

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Judd and other authorities warn that many predators don't fit cleatwater creepy, trench coat stereotype. They are often smart, charismatic and knowledgeable about what children are reading or watching on television. To help combat the onslaught, Judd's predecessor created an Internet crimes unit in Two deputies and a lieutenant work full time investigating everything from eBay fraud to identity theft.

There is too much Internet crime for them to focus solely on online sex predators. Rebecca Schreiber, who oversees the unit, said she could add another 10 deputies and keep them all busy. As Judd said: "This type of case is not a problem.

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It's an epidemic. The deputy posed as a year-old girl looking for online friends to converse with.

In reality, the deputy was an adult male. Like many of their posts, this one immediately attracted attention.

The deputies sifted through the responses, some of which appeared to be other teenagers looking for someone to chat with. The deputies are careful not to say anything promiscuous or overtly sexual in the initial contact. It can be as simple as: "year-old girl wants to talk.

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I like cheerleading and hanging out. Instead they let the predator take the lead. The deputies ask a lot of innocuous questions and act innocent when the conversation inevitably turns to sex. The Sheriff's Office had not released free clearwater adult chat of the online conversations between the deputy and Doyle. Online predators' compulsion can drive them to pursue victims with a singular focus that blinds them to the risk.

That can help them free clearwater adult chat caught. Doyle was "particularly bold," Judd said. Almost immediately, he revealed where he worked and gave his office and cell phone s. He sent more than a dozen pornographic video clips and some chocolates, Judd said. A study cited by the FBI of 1, Internet users aged 10 to 17 found that one in five received a sexual solicitation online in the past year.

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One Horny wife fucking 33 said a stranger they met online asked to meet, telephoned them or sent regular mail, money or gifts. The investigators must win a predator's trust. The investigations often conclude when the predator meets the "victim," but meets law officers instead. He faces 23 charges, cchat counts of using a computer to seduce and transmission of material harmful to a minor.

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If convicted Woodson AR dating personals all counts, he clearwatr be sentenced to up to years in prison, though these types of cases often end clearwwter a plea agreement. The Doyle case is not free clearwater adult chat first time the Polk County Sheriff's Office has played a role in a high-profile Internet sex crimes case.

She was found five months later. Konstantin Baehring, 35, was arrested by Greek authorities on charges of sexual assault, child abduction and exposing a minor to improper material. He was sentenced to eight years, three months in prison.

Last year, Polk deputies arrested Christopher Wilson, the creator of a Web site that garnered international attention clearqater its promise of free access to pornography in return for pictures from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, including mutilated bodies. Wilson avoided prison by pleading no contest to five misdemeanor counts of possession of obscene materials and shut down the site.

The case was one of about 30 the Polk unit makes each year. Most are local.

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But Judd doesn't mind if cases lead out of the county. All children deserve to be protected, he says. He has never received a complaint about spending tax money on such cases. Judd wishes every law enforcement agency had a unit that targeted online predators. Many large departments and the FBI have units dedicated to online sex crimes, but mid sized Artist seeks hands on muse like his don't.

The best way to combat the problem, he said, is to instill fear in predators. Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.